Our teens and adults programme has been designed to cater for anyone who is wanting to improve their fitness, tone up, lose weight or become an elite martial artist who may want to progress to competition level.

The programme is for all people aged 13 and over. We have no upper age limit and welcome anybody who wants to train. Our team at Invictus Martial Arts will do everything they can to help achieve your fitness and health goals.

When training at Invictus you will be surrounded by a community of friendly faces who are all training hard in a fun, friendly atmosphere.

Basic Training Programme

Our basic training programme is designed to give you the kick start that you need to begin your path to black belt.

  • Learn basic martial arts techniques and self defence
  • Fitness and conditioning regime
  • Great workout and extremely improved fitness

You will learn a mixture of martial arts including kickboxing, karate and thai boxing. Forms will also be included to give you a full martial arts experience. This programme is 9 months long and starts your journey to the Black Belt Club.

This programme is designed for White, Yellow and Orange belts and prepares them for placement in our black belt club

Black Belt Club

Our black belt club consist of 2 extra classes per week. Throughout Black Belt club we will be reflecting back and building on the skills you learnt in the basic training programme, those necessary to go on to achieve your Black Belt.

  • Fitness and conditioning becomes more challenging as well as the more advanced techniques
  • New forms
  • Sparring
  • Learning of martial arts forms
  • Basic self defence

The programme last for 9 months before moving up the ladder, that one step closer.

This programme is designed for Purple, green and blue belts.

Invictus Training Programme

After achieving your Brown belt you will will be eligible to complete the Invictus programme.

  • Expert and advanced level training
  • Advanced forms and combinations
  • MMA classes incorporating wrestling, jiu jitsu
  • Kickboxing and thai boxing

This programme is designed for brown, brown black stripe, red, red black stripe, half red, cycle and black belts.

Leadership Training Programme

After a student has achieved a Black Belt they maybe offered the opportunity to take a leadership role within the school.

Using the skills and knowledge developed throughout martial arts training, our leadership students earn the opportunity to assist in classes, provide warm ups and training drills.

As part of the Leadership Group you are able to pass on your skills and knowledge to others striving to achieve success!

This programme is designed for black belts+

BJJ (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu)

Brazilian Flag

BJJ (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu) is a style of Martial Arts that focuses on grappling and ground fighting. with all strikes illegal, the aim is to utilize body leverage and technique to control your opponent and stay in a dominant position whilst looking to submit your opponent using joint manipulation/choke holds.

It is a Martial Art where size truly doesn’t matter.

Please see our timetable to check class times. To book a class or to ask us a question please Contact Us.