Invictus Martial Arts helps to develop Focus and Concentration, Confidence, respect and self-discipline while teaching children to defend themselves when needed.

Our safe, fun, and exciting classes inspire your children to better themselves and have the confidence to succeed in life. The difference in your child within the first 6 months will give you an indication of how they will develop both mentally and physical on their journey to Black Belt

At Invictus Martial Arts we help your child be The Best They Can Be!

Little Dragons

Our Little Dragons programme is designed specifically for 4, 5 and 6 year olds.

  • Improves focus, discipline, concentration and confidence
  • Improves coordination and balance
  • Promotes respect
  • Provides te martial arts skills needed to progress through the belt stages
  • Invictus prides itself on offering fun and exciting classes wich motivate and inspire

Basic Training Programme

Our basic training programme consists of up to 3 classes per week and is designed for children ages 7-12 to learn the basics of martial arts.

  • Promotes Respect and Discipline
  • Improves confidence, physical coordination, and the self confidence
  • Goal setting and achievement
  • Learning of martial arts forms
  • Basic self defence

This programme is designed for White, Yellow and Orange belts and prepares them for placement in our black belt club

Black Belt Club

Our black belt club consist of two extra classes per week (up to five per week).

  • Reflect back on life skills learnt in the basic training programme
  • Emphasis on focus, confidence and dedication
  • Advance balance and physical coordination
  • Development of advanced techniques and forms
  • Introduction of sparring

This programme is designed for Purple, blue and green belts.

Invictus Training Programme

After achieving a brown belt our students will be invited to the Invictus programme.

Here the training will become more advanced and more intense as they work towards the black belt.

  • New advanced forms
  • Combinations and martial arts weapons, Jiu Jitsu
  • Strike performance martial arts, learning flips and kicks demonstrated by Strike on Britain’s Got Talent

This programme is designed for brown, brown black stripe, red, red black stripe, half red, cycle and black belts.

Leadership Training Course

After a student has achieved a Black Belt they may be offered the opportunity to take a leadership role within the academy.

Using the skills and knowledge they have gained throughout their martial arts training our leadership students will have the chance to assist in classes enabling them to pass on their skills and knowledge as a junior assistant instructor.

This programme is designed for black belts +

BBTC (Black Belt Training Course)

Our Black Belt Training Course is all the extra curriculum involved with martial arts, linking core martial arts techniques with acrobatics and presentation to create a performance. Learning all the exiting things that you see in the movies.

To see a great example of this, check out our very own Mr Ball perform on Britains Got Talent

Weapons Training


Do you want to follow in the steps of Michelangelo with his Nunchaku or Donatello with his Bo Staff. This is the time to learn the techniques used by your favourite Ninja Turtles.

Please see our timetable to check class times. To book a class or to ask us a question please Contact Us.